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CSR Newsletter #34


1. Continuation of the university scholarship program for twelve students and follow-up on progress and results. The program has been enhanced to allow for the cost of living increases and for the course duration. Women's Day Celebration For Women's International Day and Women’s Egyptian’s Day, RGWE wishes to raise awareness on Breast Cancer. For early detection in Ras Ghareb City, awareness sessions were arranged for women to increase their knowledge and reduce the possibility of late or missed diagnosis, RGWE organized a comprehensive clinic that included doctors, medical specialists

Ramadan Charity Boxes

Ramadan boxes filled with nutritional food were distributed to families in Ras Ghareb City and the local Bedouin community. The recipients of the boxes were families identified by the Ras Ghareb charity & governmental offices and social workers.

Bird Monitoring Training Program RGWE continues to support RCREEE for bird-watching practical training. PV Solar panels for the local other Bedouins Two PV solar panels have been installed to provide electricity to the local Bedouin community.


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